HR Apps- 5 useful, usable and secure options to know


My main New Years resolution for 2014 was to curb my app-downloading addiction. Although I can justify notes and To Do lists, I’ve had to part ways with a few rickety DJ apps that are more hassle than they’re worth. Given that my eyes are bigger than my battery life, I’m surprised that few HR apps have stayed on my phone for more than a few days, because I rarely have work that I that I do outside the safety of my computer.

Here’s a rundown of a few apps that are interesting and – crucially – user friendly for employees and HR alike.
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One Phone Plays, One Phone Works


New Yorker cartoonPhone Credit: The New Yorker

Phone providers are racing to reach customers who don’t switch off from work once they’re off the clock.

Developers at Telecom New Zealand and AT&T are beta testing software that will keep separate professional and personal profiles on the same phone through passwords and encrypted apps.

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Q & A: My coworkers are making fun of a fat colleague; what can HR do? [UK]




I’ve heard coworkers make fun of an overweight colleague because he is fat. I think the teasing bothers him, but he hasn’t made a complaint. What can HR do?

– London, UK

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Welcome to Grievance Report- I come bearing gifs. (Sorry).

If you’ve stumbled upon Grievance Report by chance, nice work; I’m working on making this easier to find. Grievance Report is the sprightly niece of The Big Deal HR Blogs; it’s my place to share thoughts on HR and work news in the US and UK while I finish my dissertation. There will also be gifs, you know.

See you soon!