HR Apps- 5 useful, usable and secure options to know


My main New Years resolution for 2014 was to curb my app-downloading addiction. Although I can justify notes and To Do lists, I’ve had to part ways with a few rickety DJ apps that are more hassle than they’re worth. Given that my eyes are bigger than my battery life, I’m surprised that few HR apps have stayed on my phone for more than a few days, because I rarely have work that I that I do outside the safety of my computer.

Here’s a rundown of a few apps that are interesting and – crucially – user friendly for employees and HR alike.

Employee Relations

National Labor Relations Board App [Link]

NLRB app screen568x568Image property of the National Labor Relations Board [Source]

The National Labor Relations Board’s employment law app gives subscribers remote access to US labor law and relevant updates. The NLRB app has an in app call button to the NLRB’s operator service, and the app’s source code can be found on the above link. The NLRB app is compatible with Apple and android products and employees can use it to get information in 13 different languages.


HireVue [Link]

HireVue is an app designed to help with the assessment stages of recruitment, with an emphasis on remote interviews (video, phone, and blended). Given the sensitive nature of recruitment, HireVue assures users that its services are EEO-, AA-, and OFCCP-compliant and that data is encrypted and stored in a secure, SAS-70-Type II certified environment. HireVue’s Resources section is excellent and includes an EEOC opinion paper on digital interviews and video of HireVue’s 2011 customer Q and A session.

HireVue’s clients include Walmart, Dow Jones and Geico, and arranging a demo is both relatively simple and free.

Organizational Development

Morale [Link]


Image property of Morale [Source]

This app asks registered employees to give monthly feedback, and verifies users through unqie login details. is built to assist OD projects by sending out regular surveys to remote and shift workers with smart phone access. was founded by Joel Cheesman, who also started (and sadly ended) the Cheezhead HR blog. currently uses LinkedIn to verify users and although the app is relatively new, it has noble ambitions and a quality email list.

Relocation and recruitment

SAP HR apps [Link]

SAP travel mobile app

Image property of the SAP [Source]

This SAP app can be used to track work travel and keep receipts in order away from work through photo and voice recordings. The app also has options to email expense information and attachments on the fly. The app is compatible with iOS, android and Blackberry devices and benefits from SAP’s tech support. There’s a trial available on the link above to see if it works for your organisation.

HR Admin

The U.S. Department of Labor Timesheet App [Link]

DOLscreen568x568Image property of the Department of Labor [Source]

This app creates and collects timesheets, with the added bonus of being government-endorsed. The DOL Timesheet app also calculates overtime pay and has quick buttons to finalise and email reports. It’s worth noting that the DOL has another great app for work – The Heat Index for Outside Workers – that has a mini risk assessment function for users. Although the Timesheets app only works with Apple products, the Heat Index app is Apple and android compatible.  DOP apps are available in English and Spanish and the full suite can be found on

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