One Phone Plays, One Phone Works


New Yorker cartoonPhone Credit: The New Yorker

Phone providers are racing to reach customers who don’t switch off from work once they’re off the clock.

Developers at Telecom New Zealand and AT&T are beta testing software that will keep separate professional and personal profiles on the same phone through passwords and encrypted apps.

Although this may mean that customers will buy one less phone, the math adds up if you consider the business motive. Last month’s World Watch Instute update reported that the number of smartphone subscribers is on track to be twice the number of actual smartphones by the end of this 2013, because of consumers who use more than one phone or SIM card per phone.
The relative cheapness of online services and unlimited data offers in the US and Europe means that providers are more likely to meet consumer needs by keeping them on their phones rather than offering separate Working Dude Phones; spare a thought for Blackberry, will you?

The split techology – or Jekyll/Hyde technology depending on your tech politics (or profession) – is still being fine tuned, though it looks likely to be offered to the wider market soon.

You might want to make your passwords twice as supersecret in the meantime.

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