Online Candidating: 5 Steps to Quality Social Media Recruitment


Silicon Valley is Amazing

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There can be more to social media recruiting than LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, and this year’s Social Recruiting Strategies Conference is a timely reminder to check out the market. As a fan of best fit recruitment and social media, I wanted to share some lessons learned from the past year.

Here are 5 steps to keep in mind as you add social media to your recruitment plan:

1. Plan Your Search

Your future Account Manager may network differently from your current HR Director, and it’s crucial to understand your candidate profile before a reduced subscription rate catches your eye. Whether you’re looking for a generalist or specialist candidate, it’s helpful to understand your target industry’s networking habits before you seek out their best and brightest.

Talk with industry experts and get on mailing lists to see where your candidates trust for career informaation. Once you’ve seen where the traffic goes, assess how popular social media sites could help you in your search.

2. Budget Budget Budget
Professional networking sites make a profit through advertising and/or subscription fees, so it’s important map out costs and commitments before you’re locked into a service agreement.

Steer clear of longer term commitments if you’re using a site for the first time- what’s popular is not always right when it comes to candidate searches.

3. Check In

Hopefully, your social media presence will attract some candidates to check out your company’s background- be active in knowing how many and when they visit. Keep an eye on your company’s online traffic so that you can adapt as needed.

4. Communicating

Work with the hiring manager to set a communication plan for applicants and passive candidates. Social media recruitment is still social media, and there are rules on etiquette. A friendly and professional introductory message goes a long way- asking to to be friends (or links) without a hello is bad manners. While it’s important to establish a rapport with candidates on social media, keep a professional focus.

5. Onboarding IRL

Meeting a candidate In Real Life is wonderful. Once you’ve found a match online, shift your contact with the candidate to phone calls and/or emails as you get closer to meeting face to face. Be sure to verify necessary right to work details before a visit is planned and check if your candidate needs any adjustments made.

Good luck!

Grit, Graft, and Getting Over It.


true-grit-blu-ray-sliceImage via [source]

This week, NPR had an interesting segment on the perceived importance of “grit” and the movement to teach it in schools. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, grit is another name for “resilience” or “pluck”. The internet tells me that “ballsy” and “cojones” are synonyms for grit, but it’s not a gender-specific trait (see Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks, and Tami Taylor). I will concede that True Pluck would be an unlikely name for a wild west movie.
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HR Apps- 5 useful, usable and secure options to know


My main New Years resolution for 2014 was to curb my app-downloading addiction. Although I can justify notes and To Do lists, I’ve had to part ways with a few rickety DJ apps that are more hassle than they’re worth. Given that my eyes are bigger than my battery life, I’m surprised that few HR apps have stayed on my phone for more than a few days, because I rarely have work that I that I do outside the safety of my computer.

Here’s a rundown of a few apps that are interesting and – crucially – user friendly for employees and HR alike.
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Peggy Olson, Booze, and Makeup: Cosmopolitan’s Working Lady Advice



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All over the world, Cosmopolitan is presented as the quintessential women’s magazine; a handbook for women who shop, lust and earn. For some, the magazine represents everything wrong with the modern woman (e.g. being child free/sexually active/career concerned) and it was banned in Singapore for 28 years. For others, it’s an authority on modern womanhood and (hetero)sexual bedroom tips. Given that most of Cosmo’s readers have a degree and a job, it’s interesting to see what sort of career advice is given to their audience of 20 million women.
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One Phone Plays, One Phone Works


New Yorker cartoonPhone Credit: The New Yorker

Phone providers are racing to reach customers who don’t switch off from work once they’re off the clock.

Developers at Telecom New Zealand and AT&T are beta testing software that will keep separate professional and personal profiles on the same phone through passwords and encrypted apps.

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The Big LGBT Q at Work [US]



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Gay and trans employees still don’t have legal protection in the workplace, though there was a glimmer of hope this week after the US Senate voted to move the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) forward to a House of Representatives vote to determine if it will become a law. If passed, ENDA would come afer 20 years of work to outlaw sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination in all US states. In contrast to support for ENDA’s advancement from President Obama and Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has vowed to not bring ENDA up for a House vote. In this case, ENDA would be…ended. Again.

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Q & A: My coworkers are making fun of a fat colleague; what can HR do? [UK]




I’ve heard coworkers make fun of an overweight colleague because he is fat. I think the teasing bothers him, but he hasn’t made a complaint. What can HR do?

– London, UK

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